What is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent is a holistic, non-invasive and relaxing technology that instructs a body's cells to perform a function via the delivery of customized frequencies through subtle electric currents. Microcurrent is 1,000 times more subtle than a Tens unit.

Think of your body as a flashlight and your cells as batteries. When your cells are in peak performing condition, your light shines strong and bright, just like when you put new batteries in a flashlight. But over time, the batteries lose their charge and the light dims until it goes out completely. In the body's case, our batteries lose their charge due to age and also when there is interference to the natural healing process of our cells. This can be due to stress, diet, injury and/or trauma. So when a client is in pain, has digestive or sleep issues for example and they aren't improving, it can be due to interference. 

Scientists have now been able to measure healthy, optimally functioning cells of organs and systems in the body. Based on these measurements, we use a cutting edge technology (highlighted in the 2021 Forbes article How Technology Will Change The Way Business is Run in 2021) called a Healy to identify where in the body there is interference which directs us to root causes of an issue. 

At Balance, we call this identification process a Comprehensive Analysis. This process is a 30 minute, one on one session with one of our Microcurrent Specialists and from our experience, most clients are absolutely blown away with the results from their scan as well as with the level of education they receive during their session. Because of this beneficial "insider" information, we encourage all our clients to schedule a Comprehensive Analysis. 

We at Balance are excited to offer this life-altering technology to our clients and would love for you to experience the benefits of microcurrent! Schedule your Comprehensive Analysis, a Private Microcurrent Session or a Microcurrent Lounge Session today. 

Here's what our clients are saying about Microcurrent:

"In the first 10 minutes my pain was gone" - Susan

"Ashley connected me to Microcurrent when I was feeling under the weather with a cold and after only 30 minutes I could feel my body start to release the cold! My sinuses opened up and I got a wave of revitalizing energy to continue the day. My cold was completely gone by the next day." - Nicole 

Curious to learn more about how Microcurrent can benefit your life? Click on the videos below! 

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