About Us

Balance Chiropractic is the only office in Delaware that uses the Torque Release Technique (torquerelease.com). Dr. Tobi Sheiker uses a small handheld instrument to gently reposition the spinal bones that are stretching or twisting spinal nerves. Misaligned vertebrae, back bones, can block the messages being sent from the brain to the body by the spinal nerves. Over time this may create pain, numbness, muscle weakness and spasm, postural abnormalities, sensory issues, limited mobility and overall dysfunction. All techniques of chiropractic attempt to restore this disturbance without the use of drugs or surgery, but TRT does it in a manner that is extremely attractive to those that are fearful of chiropractic or even have rods, fusions, or are very sensitive. This technique is ideal for all, but especially for those who desire a gentle approach or an alternative to traditional chiropractic. 

Just as joints of the spine may misalign and cause abnormal functioning of the body, all joints of the body have the potential to shift. Bones of the knees, ankles, feet, hips, shoulders, elbows, and wrists can shift out of place and cause pain and dysfunction of the joint. Dr. Tobi will always check the spine first, but will follow up with any extremity adjustments that are necessary.

We also offer services that are very complementary to chiropractic that will aid and assist in the healing process. The massage therapists will work out muscle tension and knots. Yoga instructors can help to stretch and make patients more aware and mindful of their bodies. Craniosacral therapists can help unravel the fascia in the body, and our energy healers help restore energy balance in the body. 

From our patients...
"You have cared for five of six members of my family... How lucky we have been! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we have trusted you completely with our health, from falls and jaws, to backs and ribs- you are the BEST"