Who We Help

Headaches/ Migraines: 

"I highly recommend Dr. Tobi! I started seeing her about six weeks ago for headaches. Under her care, I quickly went from severe headaches 5 or so times a week to rarely one mild one a week now."

"I am proud to say within a couple of weeks, my dizziness I was experiencing had completely gone along with my neck pain. The headaches I was experiencing have decreased tremendously which I am so grateful for."

"I am so grateful to her for treating my migraines. After more than 10 years of no significant progress in reducing my migraines, Dr. Tobi has brought me amazing improvement. "


Neck Pain: 

"I started seeing Dr. Sheiker more than three years ago when I could seldom go through a day without OTC medications like ibuprofen or naproxen for back, head, and neck pain. I had minimal side to side range of motion in my neck and my back was tender to the touch all the time. She adjusted me the first time I saw her and I was relieved immediately."


Back Pain:

"MOST EXCELLENT! My journey began just over a year ago: I'm pushing 70 and have been a software developer for over 35 years, with posture bent over a computer = pathetic! Anyway, lower back PAIN clobbered my sleep and many of my favorite activities, especially racquet sports. Never fear, Dr. Tobi is here!!! She diagnosed it and fixed it almost immediately: tucked under coccyx, tilted pelvis, and twisted L3 vertebrae. Now free of daily pain, and sleeping through the night!!! Just finished playing/enjoying tennis (indoor) for the 7th in 10 days! I still choose to visit Dr Tobi once a month to make sure I don't slip back into past "bad habits". 

"I recently had issues with my lower back and my neck - since engaging with Balance, I am 100% better - my pain has subsided - my range of motion is 100% better than when I walked in the door. I highly recommend Balance - they have helped me immensely. Truly professional, considerate and caring."


Sleeping Issues: 

"My chiropractor retired and I was dealing with chronic glute/hip pain. Lucky for me I found Dr Tobi. The hip pain is totally gone and it's probably no accident that I am sleeping better and don't have my usual upper body stiffness. I keep going as now that the chronic issues are healed it's an opportunity to unwind some of my old, deep seated, structural issues. It's like therapy for body trauma."


Jaw Pain: 

"I started seeing results immediately – my jaw pain was released, I could finally chew my food without pain, and my headaches went away! I've been seeing her for a couple months now and I can say I no longer experience my teeth grinding or clenching while sleeping! I remember from my first session with her she asked me, "What do you normally do to help relieve the jaw pain?" I told her, "nothing, I usually just deal with it." It dawned on me at that moment that I shouldn't have to "just deal with it" and continue being in pain. I'm so happy I met her! " 


Balance Issues: 

"I went to Dr. Tobi and the Balance Chiropractic team to help with vertigo symptoms. Within 2-3 sessions the vertigo stopped entirely."


Pregnancy/ Infants

"I’ve been seeing her since I was pregnant with my first child, who has been seeing her as well since birth."